Suggestions by Young Farmers for Counteracting Constrains in Taking up A Farm Enterprise

Mahesh B Tengli (
Agricultural Extension, Navsari Agricultural University
September, 2016


India has achieved the “demographic dividend”, in order to maximize the dividend, it must ensure their young working-age populations with opportunities for jobs and other income-earning possibilities, and mitigate unemployment. Entrepreneurship is the only alternative for unemployment problem, many hurdles come in the way to kick start any enterprise. With a premise of existence of constraints in taking up an enterprise the aforesaid study was conducted to seek suggestions to counteract the constraints, at Navsari district of South Gujarat (2014-2015). Sixty young (age: 15-30 years) farmers were the randomly selected respondents, who were interviewed following personal interview method using structured interview schedule. The results were as follows: major suggestions given against the constraints by the young farmers were; “Subsidy amount should be raised” which stood first rank followed by “Mediators/Middle men should be eliminated by stringent entrepreneurial and marketing policy” as second, “Adequate loan amount should be provided” as third, “Market facility should be made in proximity” as fourth, “Skill development programmes regarding different agricultural enterprises need to be organized” as fifth. Aforementioned statements were the top five suggestions suggested by young farmers.