Krunal D. Gulkari, Netravathi Gangireddy, Onima V. Phodiyil, Yogesh Gade


Dairy farming is the one of the important livelihood activity in Gujarat involving women significantly. For the adoption of new technologies in dairy, profile of the farm women is an important factor in developing countries like India. By considering this aspect the study was undertaken in eight talukas of Anand district in Gujarat with sample size of 160. The result indicates that great majority of the dairy farm women belongs to middle aged (35 to 40 yrs) educated up to higher secondary level and they were having medium level (6 to 10 years) of experience in dairy farming.  In the study half the respondents belong to nuclear family majority of them were the members in only one organization like dairy with medium level of income and an average 4 to 5 mulching animals. They were less exposed to mass media and extension contact due to they were having lack of knowledge regarding scientific aspects of dairy and moderate risk taking capacity. To compete with the world food market with the best quality of produce, use and adoption of new and scientific technology is important and it is linked with the profile of the respondents. 


Adoption, Clean milk production, Dairy farm women


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