Competencies possessed by the training professionals of agricultural training institutes in Punjab, Pakistan

Muhammad Yaseen, Syed A. Z. Abid, Muhammad Luqman, Muhammad T. Chaudhry


Professional competencies are considered as key to perform job responsibilities. Training professionals of Agricultural Training Institutes (ATIs) are engaged in imparting various skills and expertise to extension field staff in the form of training so that they would perform their tasks and responsibilities in a better way to disseminate advanced agricultural knowledge. In this scenario, the present study was designed to investigate various competencies possessed by the training professionals of ATIs in the Punjab province of Pakistan. For this purpose, data was collected from all training professionals working in all ATIs of Punjab Province in Pakistan. A well-structured questionnaire was developed as an instrument of the study. Descriptive statistics including frequencies, means and standard deviations were applied through Statistical Packages for Social Sciences. Results reveal that training professional of ATIs possess computer skill especially MS word and email skills. Motivational skills, lecture delivery skills and communication skills were ranked at top, which are being possessed by training professionals. Moreover, the results recommend that the government should launch capacity building programs to develop professional competencies of training professionals on regular basis.


Agricultural Training Institutes (ATIs); Competency; Training Professional

DOI: 10.33687/ijae.009.03.3369


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