Benjamin Y. Folitse, Simon K. Osei, Lucy P. Dzandu, Grace Obeng-Koranteng


The study determined the perceived impact of Royal FM agricultural programme on livelihoods of farmers in five districts and municipalities in the Broag-Ahofo Region of Ghana. An interview schedule was used to collect data from a sample of 198 farmers. The findings of the study showed that 62.5 % of the respondents who listened to agricultural programmes aired on Royal FM are males and 37.5% are females. The study show that farmers gained knowledge in the various improved practices as a result of the Royal FM agricultural programme and have impacted in the five districts and municipalities at different levels. The impact of the programme on farmers' livelihoods was highest in Banda District and Wenchi Municipal but was moderately high in Jaman North, Tain District and Techiman Municipal respectively. The Tamhane's T2 Post Hoc Multiple Comparison was used to test the differences in impact and the results indicated that other external factors may have also resulted in such differences which may be beyond the control of the programme or farmer. Similarly, majority of the farmers indicated that they were satisfied with Royal FM agricultural programme as it has improved the use agricultural technologies in the study area. The study recommended that the government should support the radio agricultural programme to ensure its sustainability. Also, there should be a further research to find out why some farmers are dissatisfied with Royal FM agricultural radio programme.


Impact, radio, agricultural programme, farmers, livelihoods, Municipalities.


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