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Journal of Zoo Biology is an open access peer-reviewed international interdisciplinary journal focusing on original reporting, experimental and theoretical contributions to animal sciences. Quality research articles and critical reviews from around the world cover: Biodiversity, demographics, genetics, behavior, reproduction, nutrition, diseases of animals, physiological, biochemical, and molecular, ecological, genetic and economic aspects of animals are accepted for publication.

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Journal of Zoo Biology

Journal of Zoo Biology

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Zoology News


The courtship of leopard seals off the coast of South America

A pioneering study has unveiled the first paired observations of sexual behavior and vocalizations in wild leopard seals. The study on the mysterious leopard seal represents a major advance in understanding the behavior of one of the most difficult apex predators to study on Earth.
Posted: 2024-07-18More...

Evidence for butchery of giant armadillo-like mammals in Argentina 21,000 years ago

Cut marks on fossils could be evidence of humans exploiting large mammals in Argentina more than 20,000 years ago, according to a new study.
Posted: 2024-07-17More...

The most endangered fish are the least studied

The most threatened reef fishes are also the most overlooked by scientists and the general public. Scientists measured the level of human interest in 2,408 species of marine reef fish and found that the attention of the scientific community is attracted by the commercial value more than the ecological value of the fishes. The public, on the other hand, is primarily influenced by the aesthetic characteristics of certain species, such as the red lionfish (Pterois volitans) and the mandarinfish (Synchiropus splendidus).
Posted: 2024-07-17More...

Logged forests can still have ecological value -- if not pushed too far

Researchers have analysed data from 127 studies to reveal 'thresholds' for when logged rainforests lose the ability to sustain themselves. The results could widen the scope of which forests are considered 'worth' conserving, but also show how much logging degrades forests beyond the point of no return.
Posted: 2024-07-17More...

Influenza viruses can use two ways to infect cells

Most influenza viruses enter human or animal cells through specific pathways on the cells' surface. Researchers have now discovered that certain human flu viruses and avian flu viruses can also use a second entry pathway, a protein complex of the immune system, to infect cells. This ability helps the viruses infect different species -- and potentially jump between animals and humans.
Posted: 2024-07-17More...

Vol 6, No 1 (2023): J. Zoo Biol.

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Ayesha Arif, Safina Kousar, Sumaira Aslam, Muaza Hafeez, Faiza Ambreen, Komal Tayyab, Sadia Andleeb
Jameela H. x H. Ghazaly, Jayadevan M. Mandiram, Murad B. Mustafa, Muna A. Alhajeri
Tamseela Mumtaz, Rabia Afzal, Dilber H. Roy, Shamim Akhtar
Isa Spiero, Constanze Mager, Henk Siepel
Anjan Talukdar, Mohammad Waseem Ashraf, Murad B. Mustafa, Muna A. Alhajeri

Review Articles

Saima Nazir, Majeeda Rasheed, Oshaz Fatima, Eisha Tu Raazi, Madiha Fayyaz