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Journal of Zoo Biology is an open access peer-reviewed international interdisciplinary journal focusing on original reporting, experimental and theoretical contributions to animal sciences. Quality research articles and critical reviews from around the world cover: Biodiversity, demographics, genetics, behavior, reproduction, nutrition, diseases of animals, physiological, biochemical, and molecular, ecological, genetic and economic aspects of animals are accepted for publication.

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Journal of Zoo Biology

Journal of Zoo Biology

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Zoology News


New DNA study provides critical information on conserving rainforest lizards

Researchers have provided an important road map to conserving rough-nosed horned lizards in Sri Lanka.
Posted: 2021-08-02More...

Decoding how salamanders walk

Salamanders can navigate complex and unstructured environments thanks to their impressive body-limb coordination. Researchers have built a model that mimics a salamander's walk with the hope it aids the development of agile and adaptive robots that can flexibly change their body-limb coordination.
Posted: 2021-08-02More...

Overfishing and other human pressures are severely harming many marine protected areas around the world, study finds

A new study points to a strong 'edge effect' in marine protected areas (MPAs), sharply reducing by 60 percent the fish population living up to 1 - 1.5 km within the MPA. This significantly diminishes the effectiveness of the MPA. Most of the damage stems from fishing pressure around the MPAs.
Posted: 2021-08-02More...

Plastic creates 'evolutionary trap' for young sea turtles

Plastic pollution creates an 'evolutionary trap' for young sea turtles, new research shows. After hatching on beaches, sea turtles travel on currents and spend their early years in the open ocean. But these currents now accumulate vast quantities of plastic and -- feeding near the surface -- many young turtles swallow it.
Posted: 2021-08-02More...

Bird brains left other dinosaurs behind

Research on a newly discovered bird fossil found that a unique brain shape may be why the ancestors of living birds survived the mass extinction that claimed all other known dinosaurs.
Posted: 2021-07-30More...

Vol 3, No 1 (2020): J. Zoo Biol.

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Research Articles

Anne L. Jansen, Karen Thodberg
Yue Min, Shibao Wu, Fuhua Zhang, Na Xu
Velmurugan Karthikeyan, Selvaraj Balachandran, Kasilingam Ramachandran, Nagarajan Rajesh, Ayyaru Gopalakrishnan
Fadia Dib, Adib A. Saad, Abdellatif Ali
Wardah Hassan, Sajid Abdullah, Naila Hadayat, Huma Naz, Shakeela Parveen