Effect of Dithane M-45 and BAU Biofungicide on Disease Incidence and Yield of Jute Cv. CVL-1

Saleh Md. A. Haque, Ismail Hossain, Md. A. Rahman


The experiments were conducted in the field of Jute Agriculture Experimental Station (JAES), Manikgonj and Kishoregonj Regional Station (KRS), Kishoregonj of BJRI. The experiments were conducted during the period April 2012 to January 2013.  Two different disease management practices viz. Dithane M-45 and BAU- Biofungicide were used for the present study. Disease management showed lowest disease incidence 1.98% and 1.87% at JAES and KRS, respectively with BAU- Biofungicide spraying and highest disease incidence 4.26% and 4.47% at JAES and KRS, respectively were recorded under control condition. The highest seed yield (588.35 kg/ha), fibre yield (4.12 ton/ha) and stick yield (9.33 ton/ha) were recorded under BAU- Biofungicide sprayed plant and lowest seed yield (378.45 kg/ha), fibre yield (2.21 ton/ha) and stick yield (5.43 ton/ha) under control treatment.


Effect; disease management; disease incidence; seed quality; yield


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DOI: 10.33687/phytopath.003.03.0799


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