Production Efficiency of Different Strains of Pleurotus ostreatus Using Various Cellulosic Agro-Wastes

Nazia Khaliq, Nasir A. Khan, Nazir Javed, Amjad S. Gondal


Different local strains of Oyster mushroom were evaluated using different cellulosic agro-wastes including cotton waste, paddy straw and wheat straw for mycelial growth, spawn running and  production efficiency of different strains of Pleurotus ostreatsus. Maximum production efficiency of P. Sajur caju was observed (195.9%) on wheat straw while minimum production efficiency was recorded (132.1%) on paddy straw followed by cotton waste where the production efficiency was 107.9%. P. ostreatus (white strain) showed maximum production efficiency (113.7%) on wheat straw and minimum (88.8%) on cotton waste. While the production efficiency of P. ostreatus (gray strain) was almost same on cotton waste and wheat straw but greater than paddy straw (128.3%). The Overall performance of P. Ostreatus (gray strain) remained best during its cultivation.



Pleurotus; local strains; cellulosic agro-wastes; spawn running; mushroom yield

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DOI: 10.33687/phytopath.002.01.0053


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