Flower Induction and Control of Inflorescence Diseases in Mangoes using selected Fungicides and Chemical Fertilizers

Ahmad R. Alvi, Sobia Chohan, Muhammad Abid, Muhammad T. Malik, Hafiz M. Riaz


Mango (Mangifera indica L.) is widely considered an important fruit and a major crop in tropical and subtropical regions around the world. Mango is susceptible to a variety of diseases throughout its life cycle, but diseases that strike during the flowering stage cause significant losses and have a direct impact on productivity. Flowering in mango is unreliable from season to season because environmental signals for flower initiation are frequently inconsistent. During the current research, we identify the most promising laboratory-grade synthetic chemical, chemical fungicide, or their feasible combination that promotes floral development, induces flowering, and combats inflorescence diseases, which reduce production. For this investigation, a field trial was conducted with multiple treatments. Compared to the control, the potassium nitrate treatment resulted in the highest flowering/flower emergence (8.67%), followed by calcium carbonate (7.33%) and potassium nitrate with the combination of Champion (6.66%) and Cabrio Top (5.32). Minimum flowering occurred on plants treated with fungicides alone, i.e., Contaf Plus (3.33%), compared to the control (1.33%). Contaf Plus was the most effective chemical against all inflorescence diseases in the field. The disease with the highest incidence was blossom blight at 42.90%, followed by apical necrosis at 39%, mango deformity at 17.70%, and powdery mildew at a low of 0.40%. The combined application of potassium nitrate and Copper hydroxide exhibited the best response in the field for inducing flowering and flower set on mango inflorescences, while potassium nitrate and calcium nitrate were the most effective for inducing flowers on mango trees when treated independently. Current research is extensive on the inducement of flowering and inhibition of flower disease through the application of chemicals alone or in combination.


Mangifera indica; Ceratocystis fimbriata; Fungicides; Sudden death; Flower induction; Inflorescence diseases

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DOI: 10.33687/phytopath.011.01.3555


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