African purslane (Zaleya pentandra L.), a blessing in arid ecosystems: A review

Wajiha Anum, Muhammad Arshad Hussain, Sana Munawar, Liaquat Ali, Muhammad Umair Raza, Imtiaz Ali, Mashal Rehman, Umair Nisar, Manzoor Hussain


African purslane (Zaleya pentandra), native to Africa, is a new plant species. Owing to its extensive use in the traditional cure of many diseases, it paved way for managing an originally weed species and shifting its status from a weed to a blessing in arid regions. In this review, Z. pentandra is explored as a weed along with its medicinal and folkloric uses. As a fodder plant, it can boost up an economic profile of less productive and drought-prone arid ecosystems by rearing livestock and protecting natural flora and controlling erosion losses. Shifting the status from weed to a cover crop, Z. pentandra can supplement soil with huge quantities of mineral nutrients. As a vital issue, desert encroachment with its control measures is a prerequisite in drylands. Z. pentandra includes in natural flora of arid lands, hence its characterization as a blessing or/and threat is a strong topic for researchers struggling towards better utilization of natural products for curing diseases as it leads to saving the economy of a country as well as better land utilization. The purpose of this review is to summarize the current state of knowledge about its potential utilization as a medicinal and fodder crop or threat as a weed in crops


Arable weed, Agro-ecosystem, Phytochemical, Aizoaceae, Ethno-botany, Saline places, Therophytes

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