Distribution and population dynamics of cotton mealy bug on different host plants

Muhammad Naeem Aslam, Ehsan Ul Haq, Riaz Mahmood, Muhammad Naveed Aslam, Faisal Hafeez, Aamir Humayum Malik


Cotton mealy bug (Phenacoccus solenopsis), is the one of the serious pests of cotton and widely distributed throughout Pakistan. In the present studies, the distribution and seasonal dynamics of cotton mealy bug was studied on different hosts. Forty-nine plant species were confirmed as hosts of mealy bug under laboratory conditions as the insect successfully bred, completed its life cycle and produced young ones on these hosts. The maximum intensity or population of mealy bug was recorded on G. hirsutum (118.16) followed by H. rosa-sinensis (113.42) and A. indicum (86.16) whereas the minimum intensity was recorded on C. arvense, M. indicus and C. album. The rest of the hosts harbored intermediate populations of the insect pest. The months of April to October were considered as the seasonal period while those from November to March were regarded as overwintering or carry over months for the pest. It is concluded from the present study that the host plants provide a bridge to cotton mealy bug which became established and thereafter spread to major cash crops like cotton. It is, therefore, recommended that elimination of alternate hosts can be one of the first and most important integrated management strategies for cotton mealy bug


cotton mealy bug; population level; vegetables; weeds

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