Pathogenic variability of common scab of potato (Streptomyces scabies) in district Poonch AJ&K

Hafiz Matee-ur-Rehman, Muhammad Tariq-Khan, Basharat Mehmood, Asma Bashir, Muhammad Adnan Asghar, Muhammad Usama, Noreen Akhtar, Muhammad Tahir Younas


(Solanum tuberosum L.) potato is globally an imperative crop. Various biotic constraints affect its yield production and market value. Streptomyces scabies is one of them which reduce the market value besides meet the requirements for the rhizomes. The affect findings were conducted to appraise the pathogenic variation, pathogenicity, morphological and biochemical depiction of Streptomyces species linked by potato tubers grown-up happening Poonch (district). Disease incidence index and variation in pathogenic data of disease be there is being cultivated by means of utilizing various inclusion in addition to the techniques of characterization. Test of Pathogenicity remained indicated that all insulates stayed pathogenic on all cultivar causing indications using assertiveness of straining to fluctuate starting slightly to discreetly function


Potato; sterptomyces scabies; characterization

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