Morphological characterization of Ganoderma species from Murree hills of Pakistan

Fakhar -ud-Din, Tariq Mukhtar


Proper identification of wild mushrooms is important to study their biodiversity and ecological role. The discovery of new medicinal mushroom species will lead to their exploitation as an industry. No research work has been done about medicinal mushrooms in Murree hills in the past. Keeping in view the importance of Ganoderma species, the present studies were carried out to determine the distribution and prevalence of Ganoderma species in Murree hills on different host plants. In all, eight species of Ganoderma were identified from Murree hills of Pakistan. Cedrus deodara and Eucalyptus citriodora were found to be the most susceptible hosts of Ganoderma species. The identified species were Ganoderma praelongum, G. chalceum (Eucalyptus citriodora), G. applanatum (Abies pindro), G. curtisii, G. multicornum (Cedrus deodara) G. lipsiense (Acacia arabica), G. multiplicatum (Pinus logifolia) and G. boninense (Morus alba). These identified species were non-mushroom and belonged to Phylum Basidiomycota. Variations were observed among different morphological and cultural properties. The color of the pileus surface was found light to dark brown and one species showed white to creamish color. The maximum length and thickness of pileus was found to be 32 cm and 10 cm respectively. Majority of Ganoderma specimens were lateral, central, stipitate, dimidiate and sessile. Among cultural characteristics, colonies of the Ganoderma species possessed brown color and some were white to creamish. Colonies were circular and smooth to slimy. Most of the species produced the hyphal system trimetic which had the generative and sketal hyphae. Most spores were brown ellipsoid and oval shape. The maximum spore index was 2.5. Maximum tube size of 1 cm and minimum tube size 2 mm were recorded. Pale brown cystidia with thin walls were seen from the germinating cystidia


Ganoderma; cultural characterization; morphology; pileus; forest trees.

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