Genetic structure and diversity in Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench landraces from marginal sorghum production lands in Senegal, based on SSR markers

Amy Bodian, Bassiaka Ouattara, Awa Sarr, Boubacar Gano, Mbaye-Ndoye Sall, Khadidiatou-Ndoye Ndir, Ndiaga Cissé, Hamidou Falalou


Data on sorghum genetic diversity in Senegal are missing despite its importance in the food and feed in the country. In order to contribute to the sustainable in situ management of sorghum germplasm, we investigated its genetic diversity and structure in its marginal production areas. Investigations were focused on Thiès, Diourbel and Kédougou regions where sorghum landraces have been less investigated and genetic information on landraces is unknown. A total of 148 sorghum accessions representative of landraces used in production systems have been sampled and analyzed with 30 microsatellite markers. A total of 138 alleles have been recorded. The number of alleles per locus varied from 3 (7 loci) to 8 (3 loci). The observed heterozygosity varied from 0 to 0.62. The low genetic distance (0.12) was recorded between Thiès and Diourbel populations and the highest distance (0.22) between Thiès and Kédougou populations. Dendrogram obtained according to Neighbour joining classification model allowed the classification of sorghum accessions into three main groups. The Genetic structure is not function to the regions indicating that landraces are not specific to a region. The results are a first step toward the sustainable in situ management of genetic resources. Data on the whole range of existing diversity of sorghum in Senegal is an important key for its germplasm management; so, the genotyping must be extended to accessions from the whole country.


sorghum; landraces; diversity; microsatellite markers; Senegal

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