Mohammed Z. Khalaf, Mohammed W. Khudhair


Dubas bug, Ommatissus lybicus Debergevin, is an important pest of date palms in Iraq, the Arab peninsula and many countries planting date palms. This sucking insect causes great damage to the trees and reduces the quantity and quality of the dates. Field surveys were conducted during 2014 to explore the spatial distribution of Dubas Bug Ommatissus lybicus Debergevin (eggs of 1st generation and nymphs of 2nd generation) stages and honeydew in palm trees (Barhee variety) of Iraq middle region date palm orchards. The results indicated the high level population density of eggs stage in the fifth frond row (26934 eggs / frond) having the distribution of 31%, 55% and14% in the fourth, fifth, and sixth frond rows, respectively. The high level of nymphal population was recorded in the fourth row (7035 nymph / frond) having the distribution of 5.5%, 23.3%, 48.0%, 12.3%, 8.2%, 2.7% in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th row, respectively. The high quantity of honeydew was recorded in the seventh row with 546.4 gm / frond. The results of the study will be contributed positively on all future research projects especially those of controlling programs.


Dubas Bug, Ommatissus lybicus, Date palms trees, spatial distribution, eggs, nymphs and honeydew

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