The Rise of a New Royal Bengal Tiger under the Leadership of Sheikh Hasina: Diplomacy Perspective (2010-2021)

MD. Sajib Chowdhury


In 2021, Bangladesh marked the 50th anniversary, the golden jubilee of its independence. Highlighting Bangladesh's tremendous development in the last decade, this study synthesizes the findings from a series of policy analyses on the ground of diplomacy since Sheikh Hasina’s arrival into power in 2009 and her leadership that has helped the country be a role model of development globally. Hence, the article explores and analyses the features of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s prudent diplomacy that emphasizes a moving forward strategy, and thus, it has enabled Bangladesh to develop a positive relationship with all its South Asian neighbors while balancing India-China rivalry in the region to pursue national interests most finely. Following a qualitative narrative approach based on existing literature, the study answered the question of how Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has extended leadership towards deepening various types of external relations and the effectiveness of its efforts to foster its economic development.


India; Indus Waters Treaty; (Neo)liberalism; Pakistan; (Neo)realism

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