M. Jamil Hanifi


The essays, “Three jihads: Islamic, Christian, and Jewish” by Laura Nader (Anthropology Today 31[2]: 1-2) and “Fictions and artifices” by Adam Blitz together with Laura Nader’s elusive response (Anthropology Today 31[6]: 16-19) speak, either deliberately or unintentionally, past each other. In order to place the core subject of these voices on an interactive track we need an explicit and non-evasive encounter with the Zionist jihad which Laura Nader does not coherently and forcefully address and which Adam Blitz, in his hazy “wandering and wordy” text, either fails to understand or tactfully disguises with the declaration that “Judaism, though not pacifistic, calls for minimization of violence. It does not possess a biblical Hebrew equivalent of either ‘just’ or ‘holy’ war” (AT 31[6]: 17, italics added).


Christian; ISSI; Jewish; Jihad; Muslims; Taleban; Zionist

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