Assessing the Knowledge, Attitude, and Skills of Plant Doctors towards Plant Health Clinics in Pakistan

Zahid Hassan, Babar Shahbaz, Ahsan Ali, Syed K.H. Gilani, Muhammad A.A. Khan


Infestation of insects, pests and diseases causes a serious decline in the crops, thus for effective crop management plant health clinics were established under the Plantwise initiative by the CABI in developing countries including Pakistan in 2011. Plant health clinics are reported working effectively in Pakistan, however, the knowledge, attitude and skills (KAS) of the plant doctors and their relationship with the increase in yield is not explored, yet. In this study, the KAS of plant doctors is explored by employing a binary regression analysis approach. A total of 353 plant health clinic users selected randomly were interviewed face-to-face from districts Gujranwala and Multan of Punjab province. Descriptive and inferential statistics were applied to the data using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). The results indicated that plant doctors had a high level of knowledge, and skills regarding plant protection measures. The knowledge and skills were more inclined towards plant protection as compared to agronomic attributes. The binary regression analysis indicated that the knowledge (P<0.05) and skills (P=0.000) of the plant doctors were statistically significantly related to the increase in the yield of crops. The increase in yield was likely to increase by 6% and 26% to increase in knowledge and skills of the plant doctors. The attitude was insignificant with the increase in yield (P>0.05). Agriculture Extension Department and CABI should jointly organize training programs for the plant doctors to be acquainted with the latest agricultural innovations. Plant doctors should strive towards crop management ensuring sustainable environmental protection and conservation of biodiversity.


Plant health; Knowledge; Attitude; Skills; Yield; Plantwise

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