Comparative Effect of Different NPK Fertilizers on Growth of Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) in Alkaline Calcareous Soil

Ahmad Waqas, Saba Tabasum, Beenish Butt, Muhammad Jamil, Fariha Amin, Muhammad Umar Hayat Khan, Naseem Akhtar, Sehrish Jamil, Nafeesa Muslim, Sajid Ali Shah, Muhammad Zubair Ayyoub


Cotton is an important commercial crop that supports the world economy by serving as a source of raw materials for the textile sector. It is grown in various regions of the world and is subjected to diverse environmental or nutritional constraints that affect its growth and productivity. Among these constraints, NPK deficiency is a major nutritional constraint in alkaline-calcareous soils. The problem of NPK deficiency in cotton has been addressed by the application of different NPK fertilizers; however, their efficacy in alkaline soils is not well understood. This experiment was carried out to look into the comparative effect of NPK fertilizers, such as DAP, Urea, SOP, CAN, and NP on the growth of cotton. The aim of the findings was to assess the impact of different NPK fertilizers on the growth and productivity of cotton in alkaline-calcareous soils. Five different treatments were used in the experiment, which was carried out using a randomized complete block design, a control treatment and three replications. The results showed that the treatment with NP+CAN+SOP (T5) had the highest number of bolls (46.75), followed by T3 (42.25) with DAP+CAN+SOP, and T4 (36.55) with NP+ Urea + SOP. The highest plant height (163.48 cm) and fresh stalk weight (290 g) were observed in T5. Similarly, the maximum yield (2350 kg/ha) was observed in T5 followed by T3 (2081 kg/ha). T5 also showed highest relative water content (94.7%) and staple length (27.4 mm)). In conclusion, the application of NP+CAN+SOP (T5) had a significant optimistic impact on the growth and productivity of cotton in alkaline-calcareous soils. The findings of this investigation offer insightful information on the efficacy of NPK fertilizers for cotton production in these soils and can be used to make informed decisions for future fertilizer management practices.


Growth; Cotton; Alkaline; Calcareous Soil; NPK Fertilizers

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