Genome-Wide Computational Analysis of Dirrigent Proteins in Solanum Tuberosum

Muhammad Abu Bakar Saddique, Sana Abbas, Muhammad Dawood Amjad, Muhammad Faizan Khurram Maqsood, Zahid Hussain


Dirrigent proteins are required for the synthesis of lignans, a distinct and widely distributed class of plant-derived secondary metabolites with promising pharmacologic characteristics and a potential role in plant defense. However, no detailed data on the Dirrigent family of Solanum tuberosum is known. Comparatively, 33 DIR sequences were explored in Solanum tuberosum in this research study. There are no introns in the majority of StDIR genes. A single Dirigent domain is found in all StDIR proteins. The abundance of amino acids, sequence similarity analysis, phylogenetic analysis, genomic location, gene structure, conserved domain analysis, evolutionary analysis, and gene promoter assessment are all studied. This study lays a foundation for potential plant genetic engineering and crop improvement research by providing an in-depth and thorough explanation of the detailed molecular mechanism and structural characterization of StDIR proteins in the genome of Solanum tuberosum. This work will provide useful data for enabling the proper selection of dirrigent proteins in higher plants and will support future studies on the DIR gene family.


Dirrigent proteins; Genome-wide study; Bioinformatics; Plant biology

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