Evaluation of Growth and Yield Attributes of Some Wheat Varieties under Local Conditions of Southern Punjab, Pakistan

Shuaib K. Bhutta, Kashif N. Bhutta, Muhammad N. Aslam, Irfan R. Nasir, Muhammad A. Ali


Understanding how changing environment and cultivars influence crop phenology and potential yield is essential for crop adaptation to future climate change. Plant Genetic Diversity (PGD) provides the basis for survival in plants in nature and for crop improvement. Under changing climate scenario and increase in population pressure, wheat genotypes with attributes such as; short duration, lesser water loving, and abundant yield potential are of considerable importance. The present study was designed to evaluate best wheat genotypes which may better perform under the changing climatic conditions of southern Punjab, Pakistan. A field trial to study the comparative performance of newly evolved four genotypes; Millat-2011, Faisalabad-2008, Punjab-2011 and AARI-2011 was conducted at two different agro-climatic conditions of Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab, during crop season, 2013-2014. The design used was randomized complete block with three replicates. Plot size was maintained as (4x 6m) and (2.5x 6m) respectively, for site-1 & 2. Seed rate of 125 kg ha-1 was used. The recommended dose of NPK (128-114-62 Kg/ha), irrigation, weed control methodology and all other agronomic practice were kept the same for all the treatments in both sites. Statistical analysis of the data was carried out by studying different yield components (Germination count m-2, Number of Fertile tillers m-2, No. of spikelets spike-1, Plant height at maturity, Spike Length, No. of grains spike-1, 1000 grain weight and Grains yield) and their means were separated by using the least significance difference test. As per results achieved from the experiment, performance (growth and yield attributes) of genotype Millat-2011 was best as compared to all other genotypes tested under local condition. Millat-2011 recorded a significant increase in all growth and yield variables, including germination, grains number, test weight and yield of wheat under local conditions as compared to rest three genotypes.


Wheat genotypes; Agro-climate; Genetic variation and Yield components

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33687/pbg.007.01.2865


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