Abdul Rasheed, Muhammad Rizwan, Jamshed I. Cheema, Shamsher H. Malik, Muhammad I. U. Haq, Shoaib Sohail


Five cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) varieties namely SLH-41, F-281, COKER-3113, LA-85-52-1 and H-88-8-J.69-j.70 were studied in diallel cross experiment to evaluate genetic effects for various plant traits. The characters under consideration were Ginning out-turn, staple length, fiber fineness and strength All the genotypes were found to significantly differ from each other for the above mentioned traits. Joint regression analysis proved the validity of the data of all characters for additive-dominance model suggested by Hayman (1954) and Jinks (1954). Staple length, fiber fineness and fiber strength were controlled by additive gene action with partial dominance while Ginning out-turn revealed over dominance type of gene action. The predominance of additive gene action involved in the phenotypic manifestation of the traits suggested selection as an accurate procedure for character improvement.


Genetic studies, fiber traits, Upland cotton, Gossypium hirsutum L.

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